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mannequins by designer ralph pucci fil

A room full of mannequins is the subject of a new museum exhibition in New York City.

They're the creation of designer Ralph Pucci ? who elevates these dummies to a sculptural art form.

The Museum of Arts and Design says "The Art of the Mannequin" is the first museum show to survey the form of the mannequin.

It runs from Tuesday through Aug. 30.

Pucci's craftsmanship ranges from anatomically realistic creations to abstract, totem-like forms.

There's a mannequin doing a handstand. Another is decidedly pregnant.

Pucci's mannequins are a reflection of the cultural trends of the past 30 years.

Pucci has collaborated on some of the designs with noted fashion designers and models and artists, including Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Christy Turlington and Kenny Scharf.

The show will include a re-creation of Pucci's sculpting studio, where his longtime collaborator Michael Evert creates his designs. Idea boards and models in various stages of finish will be displayed. Evert will make periodic visits to the show to demonstrate the sculpting process from live models in the in-gallery studio.

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